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Khai Kwan (ABN 32 663 687 449) is a sole proprietor Australian law firm dealing with IP strategies (prosecution and appeals), start-ups, corporate law and migration application specializing in Australian business sponsorship visas, such as subclass 457 (closing down), 186, 189 and 187 visas.

Not only do we assist you to apply for Visa, we will also plan for your arrival into Australia and more, so that you will find migrating to Australia is the right decision. Currently we are managing the following US Patents invented by khai Kwan which are available for licesing 1. US Pat 8001035 - loan syndicate , 2. US Pat 7493279 - loan negotiation management system 3. US Pat 8650126 - prepaid card payment using self-created identifier 4. US Pat 7376612 - deposit offer 5. US Pat 7742996 - printable financial instrument with password protection 6. US Pat 7487126 - inter-telco payments 7. US Pat 7461010. We assist fintech companies who want to develop strategic services to compete against established giants around the world and to ensure they also able to recruit the best talents to do so. We also run the only free "ebay" of properties www.ozrealestates.com or under our brand violater.com. We have the only system allowing users to execute a buy online by connecting conveyancing and payments together at the backend which was reported by Austalian Financial Review Our vision is to design conveyancing functions that allow users to buy and sell properties as simple as buying/selling stocks by a click of the mouse.

Principal Lawyer/Migration Agent

Khai KWAN/ MARN 1576447


Master of Applied Finance (Macquarie University 1989)
Master of Environmental Law (Sydney University 1994)
formerly PhD candidate in Information Engineering (SEDAL, Sydney University 2001)

Advocate of the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak
Solicitor (NSW), Barrister & Solicitor (High Court Australia)
Barrister (WA). Previously worked as General Counsel for a mining company in Mongolia, legal officer in the Western Australia government, banks, startups and also a patent agent in Malaysia providing strategic patenting advice (personally I also have a number of US Patents see my linkedin page)

Background in litigation and advocacy in Sabah and in WA/NSW. Was a lecturer with University Malaya in the 90s taught Environmental Law.

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