Roadmap to Australia

pathways in au

The following should not be taken as legal advice but merely opinions expressed given particular attention to those Malaysians who wish to migrate to Australia.

1. GSM (Subclasses 189 and 190)

pathways in au

The Australian government has redesigned the General Skilled Migration Program to boost the sluggish economy after the decline of the mining boom. To attract more highly skilled workers with good English skills while considering the problem of an ageing workforce, the government has stipulated criteria that favour young people who are keen to learn and have potential.

Thus, I strongly recommend this program to people between the ages of 25 and 35. Others may wish to consider your children's prospect especially education opportunities and I would recommend doing this before 45 years old. Permanent residents other than humanatarian applicants still have to pay for their school fees (unlike in the past) but there is a discount over the local fees (not foreign) so it is still reasonable.

To be eligible for this visa, your occupation (work) must be on the SOL (Skilled Occupation List for subclass 189) or CSOL (Consolidated Skilled Occupation List for subclass 190), the latter is where State sponsorship is available, and you must have achieved a grade of at least 6.0 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), although at least 7.0 typically is required for more points. Some occupations may even required higher points for example in Accountancy which is currently in less demand due to over-supply in the market.

For many meeting the English requirement (IETLS or TOEFL) is the greatest challenge in preparing to immigrate to Australia. There is no way around this but to get those points up by practise and practise. The most challenging is obviously the essay section.

pathways in au
pathways in au

Each one of us have different reasons for leaving our beloved motherland. Some do it for the sake of the family and some for their future dreams where opportunities are better. I remember a Mongolian girl once told me that it does not matter that she is working as a barista now, she is happy as compared to being in Mongolia where she did not have much hope. She was a financial manager then. Time is certainly not on our side, there are more migrants coming to Australia everyday from europe and other countries. Cities like Sydney is getting congested but the government is still spending to build on the infrastruture in order to compete with other cities. Enrol at a private institution right now for IELTS or TOEFL, and get your test done.

The subclass 189 or 190 visa is the most sought after because it is open to those who are considered to be best suited to come and add value to the Australia.

2. Business Skills (Subclass 188 Business Innovation Stream)

pathways in au

Business Innovation Stream Requirements are best suited to those who are already in a business in their home country. Basically, it requires you to have owned a business and to be intending to establish business operations in Australia. You will need to meet the following if you are applying through the Business Innovation Stream: Ownership of a business with turnover of at least AUD 500,000 for 2 of the last 4 fiscal years. Net personal and business assets of at least AUD 800,000

This is a 4 year temporary visa. Once you have maintained an investment in Australia for 4 years or established an ownership interest in an Australian business, you can apply for permanent residence through the Business Innovation & Investment (Residence) Subclass 888 visa.

To be eligible for this visa stream,

You also need to meet stricter criteria, such as having additional funds and avoiding restricted businesses (cafes, restaurants, take-away shops, grocery markets and small retail shops), for support from the NSW Government to live and invest in SYDNEY.

pathways in au

※ Please note:

pathways in au

There are other visa options for people with more assets (over A$ 1.5 million and to invest A$ 1.5 million in Australian State or Territory Government bonds.) or business talents that qualify them for the less restrictive criteria for subclasses 132 and 188 (Investor, Significant Investor or Premium Investor) visa options.

If you are applying for the Investor Stream, the requirements are as follows: (1) You have had business and personal net assets of at least AUD 2.25 million for the last 2 fiscal years (2)You must make an investment of AUD 1.5 million in Australian State or Territory bonds prior to grant of the visa (3) You have 3 years of experience either managing a qualifying business or "eligible investments", and have showed a high level of management skill (4) For at least 1 of the last 5 fiscal years, you have either: (A) Managed a business in which you hold a 10% shareholding; or Managed "eligible investments" of at least AUD 1.5 million. However, if you think you are eligible for these visas, which are targetted at Chinese from mainland, you may still apply but you will be competing with them. In my view, having money is great wherever you are living but Australia may offer one big difference and that is stability, you know things may not be changing as fast as Malaysia and you can have greater freedom too.

3. Business Sponsorship (Subclasses 457, 186 and 187) and Studying Overseas (Subclasses 572 and 573) → Immigration

pathways in au

Another practical way to come to Australia is to find sponsors. The vast majority of applicants who come to Australia are student visa holders.

They have a vague idea to ‘just go there and find ways to obtain permanent residency while studying English’. Chances are you should not come as the costs will be unbreable and the is almost negligible unless you want to pursue some other options. It is important to note that once you come to Australia vide a student visa you cannot change your institute, unless you meet the following requirements: You have spent at least 6 months in your ‘primary course’ OR Provided with a ‘letter of release’ or ‘release letter’ from the ‘primary course’ to enroll in to other institute.

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