Exceptional Service

After service is what we are well known for. Most migrant agents will do little to ensure their clients will be able to fit into their new environment. However, I believe this is the real challenge. As recent migrants will tell you, life here without your contacts and network will be very trying. People work together because there is a bond between them but when you first arrive here, you will need to restablish new bonds again. Whether you are a professional looking for a job or a businessman, the same thing applies. While your skills are assessed to be compatible in Australia, the same may not be said of your local knowledge and working experience. In fact most migrants find it frustrating that they need to look for lower level jobs just to get by until they could obtain acceptance.

Cost & Claim

We do not offer any "No Visa No Fee" marketing bait. A Visa application takes time and dedication. It also means there are costs involved from our side and having to establish your profile for consideration. Note besides our fees there are visa application fees (to Immigration/Border Dept), health check fee, and other miscellaneous expenses. Before starting work, we must provide you with a written estimate of fees you will be charged for their services. The estimate of charges will include: professional fees, either by the hour or by the service disbursements (these are other costs such as visa application charges). There may be exceptional cases where an applicant truly can claim for a refund where there the issues were caused by us. However this do not cover migration issues in relation to MRT, RRT(current AAT) and Ministerial Appeals.

To see the latest range of fees charged by Agents across the industry in 2014 please click this link
Our indicative fees will be accordingly at the lower end but will very much also depends on the complexities and time spend.

Diligent and candor

We look at each applicant as an individual in our system and therefore have to assess them before we can provide advice. Much preparation is done at the preliminary level to get them ready for the final application, which include preparing for the english test or their skills assessed. If there is no chance of them getting through, we would advice them to work on those points. We do not want to give false hope as each application can take months which can be an emotional coaster ride.

If you are not happy ?

Before we will accept your case we must be satisfied that:

  • Your visa claim has legal merit
  • You are fully aware of any likely costs to prepare and pursue your case
  • You must provide us proper and genuine information with timely manner all the times.
  • After falling in the arrangements, you must not withdraw your case unless significant changes will prevent your case successful.

Our arrangements.

All the conditions for the engaging us is in a written service and fee Agreement which you will need to execute before we start work on application. This agreement must include: services to be performed, fees for the services (either charged per service or per hour) disbursements (money paid by us on your behalf, such as a visa application charge).

The service and fee agreement also sets out our obligations to you, the client, which in general terms are to:

  • Work on your claim in a prompt, efficient and professional manner
  • Regularly inform you of the progress of your claim
  • Consult you before any special or unusual expense is incurred
  • Advise you if and when our estimate of your costs changes substantially.

Where a claim may not arise

In general:

  • If you have not been open and honest about yor situation that is relevant to your visa application and visa status and or neglect to let us know of any material change in your circumstances that might impact on your claim
  • If you failed to fully co-operate with us and do everything that we reasonably ask
  • If you failed to accept and follow all reasonable immigration advice that we give you.
  • If you decided to release us as your migration agents when your claim is not finalized.