A shout-out for a client

Hello been a long time since I posted here. A shout out to a client then who managed to transfer his NFT Patent licenses to his Spatium Wallet. He send me this video to show how it looks on his mobile phone. The reason for the same PIX is because he had divided them into different jurisdictions which is only differentiated by ID number. The unique NFT is found in the ID and in this case each one of them is embedded with a License framed for specific jurisdiction like California and so on. Mike told me he will be minting again on my https://poly.nftpatent.net with different PIX to show different jurisdictions. Once minted they will be offered on https://opensea.io/michaeljuniorspruill

Working on GreenDAO

The problem is the implementation, engagement, and enforceability of the various agreements with the farmer to originate carbon credit in Australia.

The solution is to implement all the steps, benchmarks,s and milestones themselves inside the DAO so that members could also benefit from the carbon credit scheme directly. Currently, most of the credits are issued and bought by the regulator and institutions without reaching the broader market. With this DAO structure, the members who participate will be entitled to receive their very own carbon credit.


Hi, I was thinking about why there is no WILLS on the blockchain. I am not suggesting you put your WILL on the blockchain. It may be too risky as it is open and transparent. What I meant is to preserve the latest reference to your WILL by way of an address linked to your WILL document.

Fractional Licensing of Patents using Non-Fungible Tokens.

Currently working on fractional licensing of patent using NFT. Basically, this means, you have a patent and you want to license it by way of a NFT. But this license is limited to a fixed number of unique NFT allowing the holder/owner of the NFT access to a unique licensing agreement embedded therein, transferable at will, and limited to the net-sales value of X. As I said because this is a fixed number of NFTs, should the licensed product be successful, there will be demand for these NFT driving its value. If it is not successful these NFT’s value goes to zero. The important economic benefit here is that the licensor can offer this NFT easily with set terms that are fair to patentee or licensor and the licensee. The licensee knows exactly the limits of the licensing agreement. I provide services for creating your own NFT and the license attached with this (also posted on IPFS so to ensure immutability) for a fixed price. Note most marketplace (say opensea) providing NFTs (on the Ethereum blockchain with a link to the art on website) provide a generic license (for the copyright of the art) which is not the same or applicable for Patents. I finished the first one which is merely proof of concept on opensea.io

The next stage is to build a platform that is for Patent Licensing, a mock-up is found at nftpatent.net

If you are interested in this journey to complete an online licensing platform that is robust with NFT transferability please contact me. I am on telegram “lawyerkwan”.